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NEWS: Nearly half of all UK businesses are embarrassed by their website and customers are deserting them in droves

Is your website not getting the number of sales that you hoped? I can help you get more website visitors, more customers, and more sales with professional web design and digital marketing services like copywriting, content creation, SEO, and website redesign.

Take your website to the next level with web design and digital marketing services from Robert Wheeler
Valid Information Systems Ltd.

"Thank you for your excellent work. I will come back to you later this week to discuss how we can implement your suggestions."Deborah Putsman
Marketing Manager

Everything Cinnamon Ltd.

"I am pleased with the overall website and the shopping cart system is working really well.
Many Thanks"
Michael Foy

Art 2 Art UK Ltd.

"The work itself was finished to a very high standard and has already proved itself on the buying public."Glenn Hardman
Managing Director

Knights International Consultancy

"Only a fool or an idiot would say it was a pleasure to forward a cheque - please find enclosed. Thanks again for all your help."Robert Knights MBE

Grow your website traffic and sales with
proven web design and digital marketing

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Choosing the right words.

If your site is not generating the sales you expect and you only have a small marketing budget, copywriting is your answer.By changing the words on your site, especially your title tags, meta descriptions & your page headers to be more 'clickable' you will increase your visibility on the search engine result pages (SERPs) and your click-through rate (CTR) which will increase your website visitors and consequently increase your customers and profits.I can help you find the right words to increase your website visitors and customers and your profits.

Copywriting for small to medium-sized businesses
Partial Website Redesign for Startups


Small design changes.

Maybe your website needs a new coat of paint rather than a complete overhaul. That is where the partial website redesign service comes in.For some older websites and this may apply to your business website, a few simple and beautiful website design changes that take into account the User eXperience (UX) and your Customer eXperience (CX) could make all the difference to gaining you more website visitors, more customers, and more profits.A partial website redesign is a more cost-effective solution to helping you sell more stock by keeping the current major branding elements of your website and only making minor design changes to your business website in a short time frame to get the most bang for your buck.


A new website experience.

Sometimes your business website is so old or sports a design that is more 1990 than 2023 that it needs a complete overhaul and redesign almost starting from a blank slate but keeping company logos and colors.A major redesign of your business website is a major undertaking and very time-consuming but can make a major difference to your business's bottom line at the end of the day.You might consider a complete redesign if your sales have dropped off or your website can't tempt new customers to buy.

Full Website Redesign for Tradesmen

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Hello, I’m Bob WheelerI’ve been designing, building, and marketing websites since 1996, including designing and building one of the first official NHS (National Health Service) websites in 1998/1999 for Redbridge Health Care NHS Trust.I then moved on to designing, building, and marketing over 250 UK travel industry websites including,,,,, &'ve also designed, built, and marketed websites for small to medium-sized businesses including an art gallery, a gift shop, a robotics manufacturer, software developers, and a Fintech SaaS Start-up to name just a few.I would love to share my web design and digital marketing expertise with you and help you grow your business and get more website visitors, more customers, more sales, and ultimately more profits.

Robert Wheeler


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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I receive my free quote?Your free quote will arrive the next business day. It will be emailed directly to the email address given on the quote form.

Are there some industries you don't help?I don't work with any adult, gambling, or casino-related websites. I personally have nothing against them, I just don't know the industries well enough to be much help.

Can you help non-English language websites?Unfortunately not. Web design and digital marketing are especially are very language-driven things and while I can do web design in a foreign language it makes my life 10x harder. It's better for you to hire a web designer or digital marketer fluent in your language.

Can I ask you a specific question about my website?If I can answer it by looking at your website and within 10 minutes, yes. After you request your free quote you can add your question to your web design and/or digital marketing requirements.

Can you review a website I don't own?As long as the site is in English and not adult or gambling related that's absolutely fine. Many web designers and digital marketers ask me for a second opinion on their client sites.

Can you help to implement your recommendations?Maybe - once I finish giving you your personalized quote, I can discuss the specifics of what you need. I try to stay focused on my business but am open to projects that are the right fit.

Will Bob do the work or someone else?All work is undertaken directly by Bob, which is why I truly have limited spaces available and my doors are closed more than they're open.

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"I'm still not convinced. Change my mind before I leave this page (and do it in less than 100 words)"

Challenge accepted. So full transparency.I love doing web design and digital marketing to help businesses like yours.I don't know what your marketing budget is or what you make each day so either way, I will try my hardest to massively over-deliver.Don't worry, I won't try to upsell you on anything. A new web design or some digital marketing help that gains you, new customers, is enough for me.Still not convinced? No problem. I sincerely appreciate you stopping by either way.

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